What to Look For in Your Next Plasma Cutter

A Retro Systems CNC Plasma Cutting Machine.
Photograph by Steve Brown Photography.

Your plasma cutter has become the workhorse in your workshop for years. But, it’s about time to get for a replacement. While searching the internet for a brand new one, you found several manufacturers on the market, each with several machines that look and sound great. How will you know which is your best choice?

1. Stability

Is the cutting table fully welded and rock solid? Or does it wiggle when you begin cutting? Stability of the cutting surface makes it possible for each of the components to operate together with greater precision. Start looking for a machine that’s especially designed to be heavy duty, not one that has been produced as cheaply as possible.

2. Easy to Use

How productive can you be if the plasma cutter is difficult to use? Complex machines and applications don’t have to be complicated. Find out which nesting software is included. Premium quality machines are paired with premium quality applications, which will make it possible for you to take full advantage of the capabilities of their equipment. Even though a CNC system might appear complicated, the CNC software will make it much easier for you to set up and cut by removing the guesswork that was once necessary. A first time operator (with just a little coaching) is capable of producing outstanding results. Increase your productivity and your bottom line with a machine that’s simple to learn and manage. Find a plasma cutter that is not only easy to use but also incorporates cost-saving capabilities.

3. Durability

The ideal plasma cutters are designed and constructed to exacting quality standards. They’re constructed to be strong, heavy duty, and durable even after many years of heavy service. A plasma cutter made with the necessary precision, with its joints completely welded, is built to maintain its advertised speed and accuracy. Find one that outlasts the competition.

4. Rate

Since preheating is not required when using a CNC plasma cutter, the torch can start cutting immediately. To cut as fast, the torch must be tightly integrated with nesting software. Depending on the material being cut, high performance machines can cut up to 25 cm/s (centimeters per second).

5 Accuracy / Precision

When state-of-the-art software and high precision parts are put together, costly secondary operations are virtually eliminated. The torch head is completely computer controlled, making clean, sharp cuts. Parts are cut accurately the first time. Look for a plasma cutter that can cut all the guide surfaces in a single setup. This machine would not only be heavy duty, but made with high precision.

By choosing a cutting machine which incorporates these five things, you’ll have a top-quality machine capable of delivering near-laser cut quality and precision at a fraction the cost.

Like anything else, you get what you pay for. If you pay a little more to get high-quality CNC plasma cutters, you will have an accurate, dependable, and profitable machines that makes money, year after year.

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