Tips for Operating a CNC Mill

Computer numerical control milling is a subtractive fabrication procedure in which you first start with a block of material, then reduce it gradually, and finally end up with the desirable object.

CNC milling uses blades that resemble the ones you see in drills. During milling, the milling cutter moves perpendicular to the axis of rotation. The cutting tool cuts in all directions with its end.

The neat thing about milling is that you are able to use it on various materials like metal, polymers, thermoplastics, and lots more. For you to get the most out of milling you will need to watch out for the following:

You ought to have a perfectly defined 3D model at the beginning to get the best result. Use one of the amazing number of software available to obtain the design. This 3D model will help you to visualize clearly what is in your mind. It will not only encourage to continue, but also let you know what you’re getting after you have finished your job.

Use thick cubes

As we noted earlier, blocks are used to make the product you’re interested in. To minimize vibrations on the body, use thick cubes. Even though you need to over-cut with thicker blocks, it will be easier to mill because you do not have vibrations troubling you.

Look after the blades

Take care of the blades by coating a thin film of cutting fluid onto the cutting tool. The liquid lubricates the mill so that it chips off easily making the job simple. Although the fluid functions as a cooling agent, be careful not to overuse it as a high concentration of oil may reduce the dissipation of heat. In case you have used much more lubricant than required, use soap to get rid of the surplus. Aluminum is a difficult material to mill because it can weld itself onto the milling tool. To keep the aluminum from sticking, use a specially designed cutting fluid such as ZRN.


This are the basic points you should look out when milling. For the best milling results operate with a high quality, strong machine.

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